Friday, August 14, 2009

No No To Sharia Laws In Britain

long time ago in early seventies had chance to attend the conference organised by "jamiat Ithad ul ulma" at Faisalabad. In that conference there was one speaker from london uk Islamic mission.
As far I remember his name was Abdul Rashid Sadiqui or similar.
This particular speaker told to that conference that we are doing lots of Islamic work in the uk
and after 10 years you will see the map of uk will be changed(in other words most people will be muslims. As he gave this statement the whole crowd started chanting "Allah hu Akbar" (god is great). Now more than 35 years passed and i usually think about his statement. what he meant by his this type of wordings.

Yes britain has changed a lot but not due to their effort.
Yes britain has changed a lots and have more terrorists produced by such groups
yes britain has changed a lots because most muslim youngsters are brain washed by such groups
This was a big lie by Mr.sadiqui and now my question is
Are these type of people are going to be sharia judges
Please say no no to sharia laws in britain

if still any one insist on sharia laws in britain (which is considered as law in law) send them to saudi arabia to experience and enjoy sharia laws



2 Tok said...

Most Welcome 2 Saudi Arabia - I was born here as an expatriate child. Grew up here. Lived all my life here. I have 2 give my Life back 2 the CREATOR - so will tell honestly and without any Bias or fear - Saudi Arabia is not as presented in media by some vested interests. It is not a horror place as being portrayed by author of this piece of s....Come 2 Saudi Arabia and see the difference. Even with all its weaknesses, "this is the Best Place on Earth to live and raise your children." This is not my statement but of a white christian American working over here and not a public statement to please any one but an honest confession. Saudi Arabia - may not be an Ideal Muslim sate - on Utopia scale - but the best blend of East & West. The most peaceful country in world with less than 1% crime rate. I feel so secure here - 100 times more secure than living in Pakistan.

ostrich said...
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ostrich said...

@2 Tok I have never said anything bad about saudi arabia or did I? No what I have suggested in this article is to send those people to saudi Arabia who are supporting sharia laws in the Uk.It costs us (tax payers) to fund sharia system and separate sharia courts.